Food Fix: 2-Minute Choco Chip Cookie

2 min choc cookieBless the blogger at Zoom Yummy for sharing this fabu recipe!  Many a time I’ve found myself craving a chocolate chip cookie and the thought of baking up an entire batch leaves me lackluster, as this hankering usually strikes at the end of the day.  And then there was the 2-minute chocolate chip cookie for one!  While I love to cook and bake (making almost any ingredient readily available), it has to be timed perfectly, taking into account my mood, energy level, and allowable time.  Conveniently, this recipe uses minimal ingredients and “baking” time – took me 10 minutes to prep, bake, and clean-up, so timing is always perfect.  Of course I realize this delicious little treat doesn’t fall into the confines of my healthy living diet, but I do it for the sake of research 😉

However, I would like to note that in my “research”/personal experience, I found this to be more like a 2-minute chocolate chip cake for two that I definitely could have split with my hubby. Delightful nonetheless.


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